To be able to grow up exploring the world free from civilisations chains.

To learn to love those we are taught to hate.

Feel It/ Wait Or Love
with Jelcia Gloria Camblé, Egas Noronha, Ally Strag and Anilsom Noronha

Director, DP, Editor João de Sousa
Produced by André Tentugal and LeJoy
Assistants Tiago Bavaresco and Jejé Camblé
Sound Design & Mix Gil Amado
Thank you José ‘Micha’ Ribeiro, Nuno Miranda, Tiago Bavaresco, Joana Boavida,
Leopoldina Da Cruz, Jéjé Da Cruz, Maria Del Mar, Tomás Valle and Lamisel

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Wait Or Love on Spotify

© 2014


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