“This identity should come from the ‘go for it’ and ‘don’t hold back’ attitude.
All those impulsive risky acts, that only few dare to.

It has to create a path to where we can show the power and express the roughness of the ocean.
It has to make noise, like a wave breaking in front of us, or a bad wipeout in cold water...
It has to be powerfull, expressive. It has to hurt.

Is it possible to follow a mixed path between the abstract and the figurative?
I always liked the idea of storms and the transformation of wind into waves that spread in the oceans gaining size and intensity until ending up hitting our coast.
It’s the backbone of this life.

We should explore it.”

— Nic Von Rupp
Atlantic Rawness
BRUSCO x Pacifica
with Nic Von Rupp and Miguel Blanco

Director, Editor João de Sousa
Cinematography João Castela, Felix Hansicke, Tim Bonython and Laurent Pujol
Produced by LeJoy
Photography João de Sousa
Artwork João de Sousa and Pedro Mesquita
Branding and Art Direction Pacifica

© 2020


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